Backside Learning Center Tests Out Playcosystem

By Claude Stephens

The Backside Learning Center at Churchill Downs recently brought out 30 children to help us test out the new Playcosystem. On a bright warm spring day the children climbed, dug, created, built, sifted, ran and laughed a great deal as they explored the still unfinished play landscape. Playcosystem isn’t open to the public quite yet because of Covid cautions but we are beginning to work with select groups where we can control the numbers safely. Backside Learning Center serves the mostly Spanish speaking children of the track workers. We are excited about this new partnership with them through Bernheim’s outreach efforts. The children ranged from age 6 to about 14 and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. As we observe their play we are learning things about this new play environment and what the children seem to like the most. This day was sponsored in part by funds from PNC Bank that Bernheim received to help build equitable access to play for all children.

Our thanks go out to the staff and supporters of Backside Learning Center for being such a great team of people to work with as we foster this new relationship. Here’s to more play at Bernheim with your children.

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