2022 CONNECT Artist Jenny Bell

By Hannah Coleman-Zaitzeff

Bernheim is buzzing getting ready for this years CONNECT happening on Saturday, September 10 from 3:58 – 9:58 p.m. This annual event celebrates the intersection of nature, art, and science with food, live music, family activities, and art around our Lake Nevin Loop. This year, you can experience an outdoor dance part with Louisville Silent Disco, see the Forest Giants in a Giant Forest lit up after dark, enjoy a full line up of live music at our Sunset Amphitheatre, and experience a wide array of art installations around the lake.

Jenny Bell standing behind one of her mandalas

This year the Art in Nature department is thrilled to welcome artists to exhibit a wide variety of installations and art experiences at CONNECT.  One of our featured CONNECT artists is local Kentucky artist and meditation teacher, Jenny Bell.

Jenny Bell, also known by her social media handle Wake Up Shine Your Heart, describes her mission as “to reconnect human beings with the natural world…and to enlist as many new earth stewards as possible through the earth ministry of nature and art”. Bell’s work features natural and organic materials, such as flowers, foliage, stones, sticks, and so much more. These bits of earths bounties are then arranged into colorful patterns and images, such as in a mandala shape that sometimes allows the viewer to lay down in the pattern.

Bernheim is so excited to be partnering with Jenny for a CONNECT installation in our newly replanted Quiet Garden on the Lake Nevin Loop. Her piece, entitled boturflēoge, will be a colorful and interactive installation that is sure to be a highlight of the event.

In addition to Bell’s interactive Mandala, the Arts in Nature team is excited to be featuring artists Céline Browning, Meghan Alessi, TotiLight, and artists in residence Sonja Hinrichsen, Carla Rhodes and Mike Elsherif at CONNECT.

Come to check it out on Saturday September 10 to experience these art installations and enjoy all the food, fun, and excitement of CONNECT!

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