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The Sage, Wisdom from the Edible Garden, March 23

I try to start every morning with a slow, calm, meditative walk through the Edible Garden. Slowing down my steps to match my breath allows me to deeply connect with the flow of the garden. While “flowing,”’ I try to place my attention completely on the environment and my place in the natural cycle of […]

A Tale of Two Orchids: Puttyroot and Cranefly

Puttyroot Orchids (Aplectrum hyemale) is a beautiful orchids that develops a single leaf in the fall which persists through the winter until late spring when it begins to flower. It is one of our more common orchids, but by no means does that mean it is abundant. It is found in higher quality habitats and seems […]

Fall Color Report – October 14, 2015

Pictured above: sugar maple – Acer saccharumlo  (location: just past front entrance kiosk to right as you are headed into Bernheim) Color will begin to increase quickly after the expected frost this week. Interior forests are still largely green, while lowlands and edges are well into change (the Sugar Maple above is on the forest […]

Fall Color Report – October 2, 2015

Fall color is arriving at Bernheim Forest. Abundant rainfall earlier this year and the recent dry conditions mean we can expect vivid color in interior forests, while some plants along the forest edges have already begun to drop their leaves. Some of the highlights this week include dogwoods turning crimson, sugar and red maples turning orange […]

Not your average Leyland Cypress

Tired of the typical Leyland Cypress? Then try Cupressus leylandii ‘Gold’. This beautiful gold tip Leyland Cypress is located near the front gate in our Crabapple Collection. Leyland Cypress ‘Gold’ is a perfect conifer for a border and an excellent specimen in any yard.