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Seasonal Beauties: March 1

By Hannah Hunt

This is the time of year where the very first species to bloom are starting to shine in the arboretum.

Below are a list of species that are currently in bloom, as well as two Holly species which add seasonal interest. These numbers correspond to the numbers on the mason jars which can be found in the visitors center Seasonal Beauties display.

In Bloom

Hybrid Lenten Rose
  1. Helleborus x ‘Royal Heritage’, Hybrid Lenten Rose
  2. Abeliophyllum distichum, Korean Abelialeaf
  3. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Spanish Spider’, Witch Hazel
  4. Cornus mas, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
  5. Hamamelis mollis ‘Princeton Gold’, Witch Hazel
  6. Forsythia spp., Forsythia
  7. Cornus mas ‘Golden Glory’, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
Korean Abelialeaf

Seasonal Interest

  1. Ilex crenata ‘Noble Upright’, Japanese Holly
  2. Ilex x ‘Fosteri’, Foster Holly

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