2017 Artists in Residence Announced

By Bernheim

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Bernheim Artist in Residence Program Fellowships, a central aspect of its Arts in Nature program. Although each artist is varied in their approach to their art making practice, all utilize an aspects of nature as a primary reference in their work.


 Jenny Zeller, Back with Butterfly Wings 26” x 31”
Digital Image Transfers and Oil Paint on Custom Made Aluminum Substrate, 
Jenny Zeller, Back with Butterfly Wings 26” x 31”
Digital Image Transfers and Oil Paint on Custom Made Aluminum Substrate, 

Jenny Zeller is Bernheim’s first recipient of a ‘Regional Artist in Residence’ award and was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Upon graduating with an Arts Administration degree from University of Kentucky in 1995, she moved to Key West, where she evolved as both artist and individual. She moved back to Louisville in 2013 and states that her work as a photographer “lies in the process beyond the click of the shutter”. She plans to continue to explore the world of digital photographic transfer techniques while utilizing subject matter and materials found at Bernheim. She will be at Bernheim April 3rd – April 30th as well as methodically through out the coming year.




Sharon Harper Glacial_Erratics copy
Sharon Harper, Glacial Erratics, Geological Survey: Aftermath, 2016-ongoing Glacial Erratics and River Canyons
King’s Canyon, California, No. 2





Sharon Harper is a professional photographer and professor who intends to find ways of capturing the natural forces that have been at work in forming the wilderness of the forest at Bernheim and also contrast this work with the built natural environment of the arboretum. She is a professor at Harvard University where she teaches Visual and Environmental Studies. She has shown her photographic work extensively and received a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in Photography
in 2013. Sharon will be living at Bernheim from July 31st – August 12th and January 2nd – January 14th.


Sonia Ferragut Work A Far copy
Sonia Ferragut, Light House, mixed media, created for the Fesital de Benicassim, Valencia, 2008

Sonia Ferragut is from Barcelona, Spain and has studied and worked in the field of landscape architecture for many years and also has a Masters in Ceramics in Bilbao. Her proposed project at Bernheim is to create an a-typical observation structure that will (re)connect visitors with a specific site, giving them a new perspective on a place at Bernheim. Sonia will be living at Bernheim from September 5th through October 24th.






Irene Imfeld Vanishing Nest_21 jpg
Irene Imfeld, From Vanishing Nests series, Archival pigment prints on Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art paper, 24 x 20 inches each, 2014




Irene Imfeld is a lifelong photographer and she directed a photography gallery for several years in Oakland, California. From project to project, she uses different subjects and techniques to provide a slow, gradual way of working with interrelated ideas of connecting the outer world with the inner. While at Bernheim she will explore the arboretum and forest as well as utilize our insect collection for subject matter. Irene will be living at Bernheim from October 18th – November 30th.








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