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Thought Leadership

Bernheim will actively support on-going communication among people with a passion for improving how communities and individuals coexist with nature in a healthy ecology. Through dialogue we will question existing paradigms, improve upon best practices and identify new areas of thought and ecological leadership. We will consistently advocate for a careful examination of the wisdom […]

Leadership in Ecological Stewardship

Bernheim uses best practices in our own land and facilities management. We will move further through the long-term benefits of ecologically focused planning, innovative relationships with organizations, corporations and individuals, and our continuous efforts to learn from nature, will earn Bernheim a leadership role in ecological stewardship locally, regionally and nationally. Strategic efforts seated in […]

Big Ideas

Bernheim’s strategic plan for fulfilling the vision that “Bernheim will be a nationally treasured leader in ecological stewardship that inspires the exploration of our deep connections with nature.” will focus on four Big Ideas: • EXPLORING DEEP CONNECTIONS WITH NATURE • LEADERSHIP IN ECOLOGICAL STEWARDSHIP • ACTIONS BEYOND OUR BORDERS • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP These Big […]

Actions Beyond our Borders

In nature, borders are mostly porous. There are few defined lines that the living ecosystems of our planet respect. The water, soil, air, energy, and living communities that are the building blocks of nature spill over and through the boundaries that we humans use to impose order and ownership on our world. It is handy […]


Isaac Wolfe Bernheim understood the enduring value of connecting people with nature. It was vision that led him to purchase over 12,000 acres of eroded and logged-out land in Bullitt and Nelson Counties in Kentucky in 1929. He established the I.W. Bernheim Foundation in 1929 as a means of protecting and managing this living legacy. […]

Guiding Ideas

Since its founding, Bernheim has always been connecting people with nature. In that spirit, Bernheim’s new vision states: BERNHEIM WILL BE A NATIONALLY TREASURED LEADER IN ECOLOGICAL STEWARDSHIP THAT INSPIRES THE EXPLORATION OF OUR DEEP CONNECTIONS WITH NATURE. Bernheim’s strategic plan for fulfilling this vision will focus on four Big Ideas: • EXPLORING DEEP CONNECTIONS […]

Get Involved

Have you ever heard the saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees”? Bernheim believes you can see the forest for the trees.  Bernheim’s new strategic plan, with Four Big Ideas, is designed to transport you towards a deep connection with nature. This big picture, or “forest”, will successfully guide and grow Bernheim’s mission […]