Winter Ruminations by 2021 AIR Laura Poulette

By Jenny Zeller

Winter inspirations from nature!

Laura Poulette is an artist and educator from Berea, Ky., who creates beautiful geographical and botanical studies inspired by the incredible diversity of the Appalachian region. As a 2021 Artist in Residence, Laura has documented the plants and trees of Bernheim in every season with plans to create large-scale drawings and paintings from her experience. Poulette recently returned to Bernheim for adding the stark beauty of the winter woods to this body of work.

“Appropriate to the season perhaps, this has been a quiet, reflective visit. I’ve spent a lot of time just thinking and writing plans for a new body of art work. I’ve found familiar comfort walking in the cold sunshine and getting lost drawing the tiny details of plants. It is impossible to overstate the incredible gift these weeks of focused solitude have been, especially in the midst of this difficult year. Though I’ve been a full time artist for years now, I’ve never been able to prioritize my work so intently for weeks at a time. What a luxury to have this time in such an incredibly inspiring place.

I’ve headed back to my studio with stacks of sketches, a detailed work plan, and the purposeful intention to bring an exciting new body of work to life in 2022. Onward!”


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The Artist in Residence program has attracted artists from around the world who seek to use Bernheim as their inspiration. Established in 1980, this internationally renowned program annually awards artists the opportunity to live and create site-specific work inspired by their total immersion experience in the natural environment. Work created through the program allows our visitors to connect with nature in new and exciting ways.

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