Winds of Change: Isaac's Café Specials, April 11-15, 2016

By Kathy Hart

Chef Salad Special 4-11-16As I was listening to the wind howl outside my window last night, it made me think about the phrase, “Winds of Change”. Change can sometimes be scary. The fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of what might be blowing our way can often have us hiding from the very thing that will take us to new understanding of not only ourselves but of our environment. After going through some serious changes in my own life, I now like to think of it more in terms of transition…moving from one thing to the next, with more knowledge and more experience to eventually take us where we want to go.

Spring is that time of transition, new growthc and moving forward into summer at Bernheim and Isaac’s Café. As new vegetables sprout and grow in the garden, new items will appear on our menu and in our weekly specials. Perhaps it is a time of transition for you as well, time to make much needed changes in our diet and health as well as being mindful of how our choices effect our environment. Come on out to Isaac’s Café and enjoy a healthy lunch to get those winds blowing in the right direction.

Weekly special: Chef Isaac’s Salad: Crisp romaine and baby spring mix greens, topped with shredded carrots, cucumber, sunflower seeds, cheddar cheese, ham, turkey and hard-boiled egg and herbed croutons, served with your choice of Italian, honey mustard or our own garden herb vinaigrette dressing. Vegan or Vegetarian? No worries, we can make this with Morningstar Farms grilled “chick’n” and Daiya cheese!

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