We’ll Always Have Isaac’s. Café Specials: February 8-12, 2016

By Kathy Hart

Love is in the air at Bernheim or perhaps that’s just the smell of heart-warming soup coming from Isaac’s Café.  What better way, this Valentine week, to show your loved one just how special they are than by bringing them to Bernheim for a romantic winter hike on one of our 40 miles of trails?  If you want to get your heart pounding and hear lots of heaving breathing, I suggest the Knob Top Trail. It’s a short trip up a steep hill but certainly worth the effort.   After your hike, stop in at Isaac’s Café for lunch.

This week’s theme is based on one of my favorite romantic movies, Casablanca. To barrow a few memorable lines from this wonderful old movie, ” Of all the Cafes in all the Forest in all the world, you walk into mine”, or how about “we’ll always have Isaac’s”.  So let’s take a culinary trip to Morocco. It will taste so good, you’ll want to “play it again Sam”. So, ” Here’s lookin’ at you kid!”


Weekly special: Moroccan combo. A cup of Moroccan lentil soup over herbed couscous served with a Bogart platter, which includes our house made hummus, babaganoush, olives, and warm pita bread served with your choice of fresh brewed iced tea or hot tea.  $5.95

Soup of the week: Moroccan lentil soup over couscous. $2.95 a cup and $3.95 a bowl.

Side of the week: Bogart platter,  which includes our house made hummus or baba ganoush, olives and warm pita bread.  $1.59

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