Visit the Latest Sculpture by Artist in Residence Sévryna Lupien

By Martha Slaughter

Sévryna Lupien installing The Atomic Apartment, 2014, with the assistance of Bernheim horticulturist James Moody.

Quebec artist, Sévryna Lupien has recently installed The Atomic Apartment on the outside of the Visitor Center windows with some installation assistance from Bernheim’s diligent operations and horticulture staff. This mid-century modern style cloud form is constructed of various widths and lengths of PVC piping. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it forms an ideal setting for mason bees who unlike honey bees (Apis) or bumblebees, Osmia are solitary; every female is fertile and makes her own nest, and there are no worker bees for these species. The Atomic Apartment can be viewed from both inside and outside building, allowing visitors to observe the mason bees making their nests. Solitary bees produce neither honey nor beeswax and will only sting if squeezed or stepped on. As such, they are beneficial and benign, since they both pollinate plants and are safe for children and pets.

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