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Virtual Discovery Stations: Beekeeping

By Bernheim

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Bernheim is truly abuzz with several active honeybee hives. The easiest hives to observe are located in our Edible Garden, across from the Visitor Center and in the Wildlife Observation Area outside the Education Center. The landscape of Bernheim, from its Big Prairie, Edible Garden and other other areas, contains a multitude of flowering plants where you can watch bees gather nectar and pollen. When buildings open up, there is an observation hive inside our Wildlife Viewing Room.

Questions to Ponder at Bernheim: What do you notice about the way the bees are behaving? What do you wonder about their daily lives? Are some hives more active than others? If so, do you wonder why? Are you reminded of anything while watching the bees? How does the Edible Garden provide for the bees? How do the bees help the Edible Garden? Why would we want beehives right next to the Garden?

At Home Activities: Find a patch of flowers and see if you can spot a honeybee. When you find one, inspect her from a few feet away: if you don’t bother her, she won’t bother you! What does your bee look like? Is she carrying pollen on her legs? What color is the pollen? Watch your bee work for a short while. Is there a certain flower she seems to prefer? What does she do on the flowers? Does she interact with other bees or creatures on her journey? When finished watching, wish her well on her work!

Interesting Facts: Female field worker bees usually wear out their wings in about six weeks.

Bernheim Volunteer Beekeepers, like Hanah Carter help Bernheim with the annual honey harvest. When it is open, Isaac’s Café uses much of the honey in delicious homemade salad dressings, desserts, and more!


Links to Learn More:
Kentucky State Apiarist 
Kentucky Beekeepers Association
Pollinator Partnership

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