Virtual Discovery Station: Bats

By Bernheim

Bats may be misunderstood and maligned, but as Karen Scout points out in this video, they are ecologically important. If you are at Bernheim in the early evening before we close, you may be able to observe bats swooping after insects in the waning light. An especially good place to watch them are from the bridges on the south side of Lake Nevin.

Questions to Ponder at Bernheim: Do bats in flight remind you of anything? Have you even wondered how our world might be different without these flying marvels?? What could you do to help bat habit?

At Home Activities: Build a bat house, support organizations, like Bernheim that supports habitat for bats and other creatures.

Links to Learn More:
The Bats of Bernheim 
Bat Conservation International 
How to Build a Bat House

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