To Hibernate or Not To Hibernate: Isaac’s Café Specials Jan 28-Feb 1

By Bernheim

There are times in the winter that we wish we could hibernate, just like Bernie the Bear. We have a tendency to want to spend the long, cold winter months curled up on the couch with a good book or binge watching the latest must-see TV.  In reality though, that type of sedentary activity does little to stave off the winter blues and can have an adverse effect on our health, not to mention our waistline.  Getting out of the house or stepping out of the office, even on these cold winter days can have hidden benefits.  Here are a few benefits of embracing the cold weather that you may not realize.

  • Colder temperatures boost brain power according to research, meaning we think more clearly when it’s cold.
  • Want to burn more calories? Get of the house for that brisk walk.  Our bodies use a considerable amount of energy to keep us warm.
  • Pollen counts are virtually nonexistent in the cold and snowy weather making this the perfect time for those suffering from seasonal allergies to enjoy the great outdoors, not to mention that the worry of ticks and mosquitoes is eliminated.
  • Our body’s immune system is activated when exposed to the cold and thus enhances our ability to fight infection.

So while you’re resisting the urge to hibernate, make the trip to Bernheim to take “advantage” of chilly temperatures.  Stop in at Isaac’s Café to warm back up with a hearty bowl of our fresh made soup, one of our new menu offerings, or the ever popular $6.95 weekday special.

Our Meatless Monday will feature gluten free linguine with Italian “sausage” and home-made pesto marinara sauce, garlic roll and side salad.  Watch for other warm comfort food specials the rest of the week.

Bundle up and see you at Bernheim!

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