Time for Color FEAST at Isaac's Café: Specials, October 17-21

By Kathy Hart

10-17-16-special-saladI  hope you were able to come out to Bernheim for ColorFest this past weekend.  Lots of family fun, food and fall festivities with something for everyone.  We were greeted each morning with beautiful weather and sent on our way each evening with a glorious harvest moon.

Well, ColorFest may be over but at Isaac’s Cafe this week, Color Feast is just beginning. We are celebrating that colorful time of year when our summer Edible Garden and our fall garden overlap in an explosion of color and flavor.  We still have the brightness of red, yellow and orange lunchbox peppers, the vibrant green and purple of malabar spinach along with the more subtle colors of fall’s purple and green cabbage and cauliflower.

Naturally vibrant, colorful foods indicate the presence of vitamins and important nutrients essential for good health.  After all the rich foods you may have enjoyed at ColorFest, treat yourself this week to a Color Feast.

This week’s $6.95 special is our Color Feast Salad.  It’s a colorful blend of spring mix, a scoop of our ginger chopped salad, colorful peppers, sunflower seeds and your choice of ham or turkey rolls, served with either our fresh herb vinegar or ginger citrus dressing.

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