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The Seeds That We Plant: Isaac's Café Specials, November 28-December 2

By Kathy Hart

11-28-16-special-turkey-wrapI recently read a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson, “Don’t  judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”  As someone who is responsible for utilizing what’s growing in Bernheim’s Edible Garden, I am sometimes guilty of focusing on the harvest.  I love seeing what is available for use at Isaac’s Café and plan the specials that will put this bounty on the menu.

Now that the frost has taken the last of the summer garden and the fall garden is still in the beginning stages, I miss the overflowing baskets of fresh tomatoes, peppers, and beans, but I have to remind myself about the seeds that have been planted throughout the past year.  Bernheim visitors that find their way to Isaac’s Café have had the opportunity to taste heirloom tomatoes, experience malibar spinach for the first time and discover the difference fresh garden vegetables make in our homemade soups.  More importantly, they learn a thing or two about the importance of eating local, sustainable food all while connecting with nature.

This week’s $6.95 special is our famous Grilled Chipotle Turkey Wrap (soft spinach tortilla, mix greens, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese and our own chipotle ranch dressing) with a seasonal side.

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