The Portable Shelter Project at Bernheim

By Bernheim

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Bernheim is partnering with a studio design class at the University of Kentucky School of Architecture to explore innovative temporary shelters that are transportable and that sit lightly on the land.  In keeping with Bernheim’s commitment to thought leadership, these prototype design projects explore the idea that shelters for visiting artists, scientists and others can be beautiful, functional, versatile and in harmony with the design of nature.

As the students in Bruce Swetnam’s studio class reach the mid-term point they are sharing their design concepts and models for the team to consider.  Through conversation and brain storming these concept designs will move into the final stage which will be to actually build one or two prototypes.  We hope to have their final designs on display at this year’s CONNECT event on Saturday, August 19th.  And who knows, one day people that visit Bernheim might live for short periods of time in these shelters as they explore their artistic and scientific endeavors.

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