The Luck of the Irish: Isaac’s Café Specials March 11-15

By Kathy Hart

As many of you are spending this week thinking of St. Patrick’s Day and all of the fun this holiday entails (green beer and parades come to mind), I hope that, like me, you consider yourself lucky.

I came across the phrase “luck of the Irish” a couple of times as I researched St. Patrick’s Day recipes for Isaac’s Café and decided to look a bit closer at its origin.  Apparently, a few of the most prosperous gold miners were of Irish decent and the phrase became synonymous with good fortune.  Gold was a recurring theme in Irish lore, from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to leprechauns handing out gold to those lucky enough to see them. The word luck is from early Middle Dutch, luc, shortening of the gheluc “happiness, good fortune”.

This meaning really struck home for me this week as I witnessed the appearance not of Leprechauns or wee folk, but of Giants!  How lucky is Bernheim to be the home of these incredible Giants: bringing happy families, curiosity seekers and art lovers alike to connect with nature.   Each giant in the family brings their own personality and sense of wonder.  You may find a kindred spirit with them as you visit.  You may be the reflective type like Little Nis, playful like Little Elina, or just need a place to relax and recharge your batteries like Mama Loumari.

After spending time exploring and getting to know our Forest Giants, stop in at Isaac’s Café to get your own dose of the “luck of the Irish” with dishes like corned beef and cabbage, shepherds pie and of course, potatoes.  As always, our weekly specials are just $6.95.  We will be featuring Irish stew and Reuben sandwiches this weekend.

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