The Little Kitchen that Could: Isaac’s Café Specials, July 25-29

By Kathy Hart

7-25-16 Special Grilled Cheese Green BeansIsaac’s Café has been referred to as the “Little Kitchen that could,” and I have to agree.   Every day, the staff of Isaac’s takes our little corner of the Visitor Center and transforms it into a symphony of taste and tempting smells.  When Isaac Bernheim envisioned a place for people to connect with nature, I have a feeling he did not see a bustling café utilizing fresh vegetables grown just steps away as part of that connecting fiber.   That’s the beauty of having a vision.  Once that vision has been brought to fruition, it can then grow in ways previously unimagined.

The special this week, takes a classic grilled cheese and transforms it into something truly special.  Pair that with fresh from the garden green and wax beans for a country lunch with a gourmet twist.

$5.95 special:  Gourmet grilled cheese and a cup of garden fresh green beans

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