The James B. Beam Natural Water Sanctuary Alliance at Bernheim

By Andrew Berry

In 2018, Bernheim worked with Beam Suntory to establish the Jim Beam Natural Water Sanctuary Alliance at Bernheim as an effort to protect ground and surface water, preserve wildlife habitat and increase our water and environmental education activities.

Now our organizations have entered into a five-year agreement, which helps support water conservation across Bernheim’s 16,137 acres, particularly within the Long-Lick and Wilson Creek watersheds. These areas feature headwater streams, springs, wetlands and several lakes within large forest expanses. These habitats support a wide array of wildlife, clean air and water for surrounding communities as well as the water used to produce Jim Beam Bourbon.

This alliance will reach a greater audience for fun, educational programming and messaging which will lead to an increased appreciation of water and the importance of conserving water resources.

The importance of clean water cannot be overstated. It is essential for wildlife, for human life and for our economy. We are grateful to have Jim Beam as a corporate partner in our efforts to educate visitors and neighboring communities throughout this region about the value and protection of water. Visit Bernheim during our 90th anniversary year to learn more about what you can do to protect habitat and water quality.

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