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The Edible Garden Bounty, July 2014

By Amy Joseph Landon


The following was written by Sean Demme, Horticulture Intern. He is a junior at Ohio University majoring in Environmental and Plant Biology. ​

As summer progresses, local temperatures creep upwards all while rain and humidity continue to reach Clermont, KY from the Gulf of Mexico. Needless to say, summer progress and Edible Garden progress go hand in hand.

The flower-shaped garden located behind Bernheim’s Research Center is currently in full swing: fruiting began around mid June. Come late June into early July, produce was in surplus, being of use in both Isaac’s Café (located in the Bernheim Visitor Center) and in the hands of the grateful Bernheim employees and volunteers.

Meeting the standards of the Living Building Challenge is still a work in progress, but the Edible Garden is doing well in the way of sustainability. In fact, Bernheim is now in the process of allowing plants to go to seed; later gathering those seeds for next year.

Lettuce Going to Seed

Radish Going to Seed

(Pictured: Top – lettuce going to seed. Bottom – Radish going to seed.)

The Edible Garden has brought a new light to Bernheim and its visitors. It allows people to see that gardening can be fun, relevant, and most importantly – achievable. The Edible Garden also exemplifies a sustainable system in a clear manner – showing the visitors simple composting and seed saving techniques. Lastly, it has been of benefit to interns like me in getting first-hand experience in gardening tactics, and the best part: the veggies! Recent experiments of cooking with Bernheim vegetables have been of great success and have allowed me to get a farm-to-table look at the food process.

Chopped Vegetables

Eggs and Vegetables(Pictured: Left – chopped Green Pepper, Zucchini, and Wild Onion. Right – sautéed ingredients with an egg and toast.)

Come and see us and our Edible Garden here at the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest located adjacent to the Research Building, across the street from the Visitor Center.




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