The Bent Twig Trail: Snowy Woods

By Wren Smith

IMG_1800Snow makes the woods more lovely. This week the Bent Twig Trail is touched by the extra blanket of loveliness. Certainly the snow added a cleanliness to the landscape. Piling on the the wooden bridges and draping the downed trees in light, the snow conceals the litter of leaves on the forest floor and the tangle of vines, while it reveals shapes and shadows of trees, branches, and the even the slightest movement of wind.

Perhaps it is the quietening effect of snow that I love – the way it slows us down and allows time to pause and reflect, to be grateful for food, shelter, and warmth. Winter is a pared down landscape, quieter visually and otherwise.  Even the birds are barely audible and I hear only a few woodpeckers tapping about on the tree trunks in search of insects hidden under the bark.  Certainly every season has its gifts. The quiet of the winter woods is one of my favorites. What is yours?

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