The Art of Letting Go: Isaac’s Café specials, October 15-19

By Bernheim

Autumn is a great reminder of the art of letting go.  All around us we see the leaves turning amber, red and orange before they relinquish their hold on the very branch that gave them life – that caused them to bud, unfurl and breathe.  Those same leaves provided shade and comfort on hot summer days, music to make us smile as the wind rustled through the branches like nimble fingers on a harp.  Visitors come from far and wide to drink in the beauty of this phenomenon that has been transforming the tapestry of the forest since the dawn of time.

Bernheim’s Edible Garden is no exception.  Waves of harvest that began in early spring are still offering up delectable gifts to the delight of hungry visitors needing lunch or chipmunks filling their cheeks before winter. As the days have gotten noticeably cooler, the peppers and tomatoes have given way to new crops of fresh lettuces, cabbage, and hearty root vegetables like turnips and sweet potatoes.  After the last fall harvest, our gardeners, volunteers and horticulture staff will have the opportunity to plan, order seeds to cultivate in our green houses and regroup for next spring.

Isaac’s Café understands this process and makes the most of it.  As one season winds down, we harvest herbs just before the first frost.  The staff and volunteers at Isaac’s Café dehydrate most of the herbs that we use to make the freshest, most sustainable and delicious food year-round.

This week’s special will highlight the abundance of herbs from the Edible Garden.  We will also feature many of our herbs using pasta as the backdrop for an array of fresh herb sauces like pesto, lemon rosemary and hearty oregano.  Let go of the ordinary and say hello to flavor at Isaac’s Café.

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