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Thank You to Our Supporters at the “Save Bernheim” Rally

By Bernheim

Bernheim was honored to participate and march in a peaceful rally to raise awareness about the threats we are facing. Friday’s “Save Bernheim” rally was held at Jefferson Square Park in Louisville, Ky., hosted by several organizations from throughout the greater Louisville community.

The goal was to educate the public about the imminent threats that are being posed to Bernheim: a natural gas pipeline and a proposed highway bypass. Though we are doing our best to get the word out, we have found that many people still don’t know about our fight to save our beloved land. The rally organizers peacefully protested by marching to LG&E, the entity responsible for the pipeline proposal. We also provided additional information to the public and gave opportunities for anyone to take action.

We’d like to give a giant THANK YOU to the following rally organizers and participants for showing your support: Cultivating Connections, First Unitarian Church in Louisville, Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville, Greater Louisville Sierra Club, Kentucky Conservation Committee and 350 Louisville. Your advocacy is VITAL to our fight!

We want to keep educating the general public to gain the support we need to save our land. How can you help? It can be as simple as sharing the threats via the Bernheim blog. If you are able, attend one of our “Forest Under Threat” roadshows, and join the fight on social media using #SaveBernheim.

Again, thank you to our incredible community for your support and advocacy. Let’s keep the momentum going so that our children and children’s children can enjoy Bernheim’s pristine land for years to come!

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