Sure to Win Your Heart: Isaac's Café Specials, February 13-17

By Kathy Hart

2-13-17 Special WrapWhat a beautiful weekend we just had.  So many folks getting out in the sunshine, exploring, learning, and enjoying all that Bernheim has to offer.  This included another successful Valentine Dinner full of delicious food, lively music, a moonlit hike and of course, love!   Nearly fifty couples attended this annual event, where the Visitor Center was transformed for an elegant and magical evening in celebration of love.  Cupid would be proud.

Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, this is a good time to think about heart health.  A healthy heart starts with a healthy diet.   If you have been subsisting on fast food and prepackaged meals, you probably aren’t doing your heart any favors.  You may want to consider incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables,  legumes,  whole grains,  lean meat and fish along with olive oil and nuts.  Saturated fats and hydrogenated oils or trans fats contribute to heart disease, so you should limit them.  By adding a good dose of fresh herbs and spices, you can eliminate some of the salt while elevating the taste.

At Isaac’s Café, we help you get out of the fast food rut by promoting heart healthy alternatives using fresh vegetables and herbs from our Edible Garden.  We make mouthwatering soups, salads and sandwiches sure to please you and your sweetheart.

This week’s $6.95 special:  Mediterranean turkey wrap, packed full of lean turkey, feta cheese, garden greens, purple onion, olives and our house made hummus.

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