Stuart Ian Frost Creates two New Art Pieces for L+A+N+D

By Hannah Coleman-Zaitzeff

L+A+N+D Artist Stuart Ian Frost

Artist Stuart Ian Frost has returned to Bernheim to complete two pieces for the upcoming program L+A+N+D: an experience of discovery. Originally from the United Kingdom but now based in Norway, Stuart is most well-known for his site specific installations made completely of natural materials.

Art volunteers work on The Bernheim Burl

Working with the help of Bernheim art volunteers, Stuart has completed his carving of The Bernheim Burl which he began during his first stay at Bernheim in October 2023. The large oak burl came from a large fallen oak tree in Guerilla Hollow in 2014 and has been displayed under an awning near the Sensory Garden for many years. Frost’s piece is giving the large piece of wood a new life which will return to its near place of origin as an installation in L+A+N+D this spring. Frost transforms the large white oak burl into a mesmerizing display of carved patterns reminiscent of poison ivy’s distinctive five-pronged leaf structure, highlighting the intricate beauty of nature and draws attention to the presence of invasive species within the forest ecosystem. The piece is a thought-provoking exploration of the delicate balance between native and non-native flora, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of ecological harmony.

Stuart Ian Frost works on his new piece Sylvan Sycamore

Frost is also completed his work Sylvan Sycamore which utilizes a compromised sycamore tree that lost its upper half in a recent wind storm. Sylvan Sycamore involves drilling thousands of holes in the standing sycamore tree trunk to create a series of Fibonacci spirals, echoing patterns found in nature and serving as a poignant reflection of the resilience of ecosystems. Situated in Guerilla Hollow, an area susceptible to windstorms, the spiral’s resemblance to the eye of the storm in hurricanes and tornadoes, adds layers of symbolism to Frost’s exploration of nature’s intricate connections and the ensuring spirit of the forest.

Stuart’s installations are the latest in the exciting line up and development of the area for the 2024 opening of L+A+N+D: an experience of discovery. Stay tuned for the reveal of his finished work and for the announcement of the next exciting art piece to be installed in the L+A+N+D site in mid-March, by 2023 Artist in Residence Nicole Banowetz!

Stuart Ian Frost and art volunteer Lynn Medley work on Sylvan Sycamore

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