Stone Wizard

By Claude Stephens

3-22-13 039Pat Maxwell, in Bernheim’s operations department, is a wizard when it comes to using big machines to move big stones.  On Friday, March 22 he created this stone wall around the pipe that carries water from the new Edible Garden project into a new filtering wetland.  Because the Edible Garden project is an applicant to the Living Building Challenge the entire project must carefully consider water and ecological water flow.  When completed the project will capture, use, clean and return to the environment 100% of the water used in the project.  And by the way…we are also tracking every gallon of fuel used in the creation of the project so that we can design a strategy to offset that carbon when we are done.

The entire time-line of the Edible Garden can be found at the bottom of the page found HERE.  Stop back by.  It gets updated often.

Water inlet for the Edible Garden filtering wetland.
Water inlet for the Edible Garden filtering wetland.

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