SONICBernheim co-curators speak at Kentucky College of Art & Design

By Amy Joseph Landon

On February 1st co-curators of SONICBernheim, Sara Callaway and Aaron Rosenblum, gave a lunch lecture at the Kentucky College of Art and Design at Spalding University. They spoke to students about curating sound art and encouraged them to consider sonic and environmental elements in their own work. Callaway and Rosenblum reflected on and addressed the challenges and successes of bringing adventurous sound art programming to an audience far removed from the larger cities commonly associated with experimental arts programming.

SONICBernheim is a lecture and performance series that explores relationships between sound, music, and nature. Since 2014, there have been eight programs presented at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. Each program features a lecture by a guest scholar accompanied by site-specific performances from local and regional artists. Performers and lecturers are encouraged to expand their traditional techniques to address questions raised by the Bernheim landscape and soundscape. As attendees focus their attention on the soundscape, an opportunity arises to consider the implications of noise pollution, the aesthetic qualities of all forms of sound, and the place of sound in the arts.

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