Something is "Fruiting" Under the Pines

By Martha Slaughter

2014-05-12 11.25.02
One of the Mushroom Bumps, by Mei Ling Hom and David McCelland, adjacent to the Edible Garden.

In residence for two months in the fall of 2013 and two months this spring, Mei Ling Hom and David McCelland worked with members of the horticulture department to develop techniques in order to sterilize straw and the artists spent many hours building coiled straw forms that are exquisitely hand built and sewn together. Adjacent to the Edible Garden, under a row of nearby pine trees, are a number of Mushroom Bumps, which are inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn. They are producing gorgeous oyster mushrooms which will be utilized in dishes at Isaac’s Café. Be sure to see these forms when you visit the Edible Garden. There is more to come. RhizoLink is the major piece produced by this pair which is sited in the Edible Garden. It is Morse Code. Can you figure out what it says?

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