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Your Story, Our Story, One Giant Story!

The story of how philanthropist and visionary, Isaac W. Bernheim, made his fortune by distilling bourbon in Kentucky is a good one. The story of his gifting the land that now makes up Bernheim Forest to the people of Kentucky nearly 90 years ago, for the purpose of renewal and the restoration of the bond between people and nature is a great one. The story of Bernheim’s continued efforts to fulfill I.W. Bernheim’s vision since 1929 is a special one.

But it’s the stories from our visitor that truly inspire and motivate us in our everyday work! It is the millions of individual experiences that collectively represent the giant story that is Bernheim Forest. Everyone has a Bernheim story, even if you haven’t been to Bernheim in years. Maybe you came here as a child or perhaps got married on Bernheim grounds. We hear these memories every day from visitors here at the forest, at our many community outreach activities and even from the people we encounter outside of work, who ask us what we do or who notice our Bernheim logo on our clothing. And we love them!

In honor of Bernheim’s 90th anniversary in 2019, we are making a conscious effort to collect and share your stories and memories of Bernheim. In addition to your stories, both old and new, we are seeking any photographs, video footage and historical information you may have about Bernheim from the past 90 years. We also hope to capture interviews and expand upon the oral histories we have to date, so please let us know if you or someone you know has a great Bernheim story to share by contacting us at

Please note: Any information provided to grants Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest the permission to reuse this information in print and/or digital formats, as well as other public display for the promotion of its 90th anniversary in 2019 and beyond, to further the efforts of our mission in connecting people with nature.

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