Seeing Green: Isaac’s Café Specials, March 13-17

By Kathy Hart

Magnolia and lilac near entrance 3-10-17It certainly is not unusual to see green this time of year. In fact, we have been seeing green for most of February.  It started with the tender buds sprouting on so many of the trees at Bernheim to the daffodils coming up behind Isaac’s Café.  Even with the colder weather this week, the plants seem to be holding their ground, braving the chill and showing their color and determination. Each day you see some new spot of green, shining like a traffic light, flashing ” go, full force into the world”.

Perhaps we should take this as a sign for us to get out to Bernheim.  Don’t let a little cold air stop you from getting outside, exploring a new trail, and shaking off the blanket of winter.

If you do get chilled, I suggest you stop in at the Visitor Center, look around at the changes happening inside as well.  We have new merchandise from local artists and lots of new clothing to have you ready for spring.  While you’re there, you no doubt will notice some BIG changes at Isaac’s Café!  We grew, just like the daffodils outside,we  pushed through and blossomed.  Thanks to your continued support for our mission to provide local, sustainable and healthy food options, using the bounty of the Edible Garden, our kitchen is now double the size and we have streamlined the seating area.  We will be offing many of the same delicious soups and sandwiches you love, along with more specials, in a more efficient manner. Come in from the cold, get a hearty bowl of soup or cup of Sunergos coffee and you’ll be back outside, seeing green all around you.

Speaking of green, starting Wednesday, we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by serving a traditional Irish menu of Irish stew, reuben sandwiches, corned beef and cabbage, and beer bread.  Wear green on Friday to get a special treat.  Don’t miss it!

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