Remembering What Matters: Isaac's Café Specials, December 5-9

By Kathy Hart

12-5-16-special-grilled-cheese-chick-noodleMy family has had a few serious challenges in the past month.  Seeing all of my distant family in the face of an emergency helped me to remember that I’m not alone and that people can really come together when it matters, regardless of how ‘busy’ we think we are.  For the first time in years, I feel connected to all of these people who had started to become half-strangers in my life.  Now I realize that maybe that is what the holidays are really supposed to be about.

Instead of stretching our wallets to the point of breaking to buy gifts for each other and eating way too much, maybe we should revisit our childhoods to remember what really matters.  Instead of buying as much stuff as we can, let’s make sure someone anxiously staring at their loved one’s heart rate monitor gets a free meal this month.  Maybe we could redistribute our efforts to try and help those who are at their breaking points.  Let’s remember that when everything boils down, only a few things really matter.  It is so easy to get caught up in a commercialized world and we should consider it a blessing to remember the good times.

If your mom ever made you a grilled cheese and a bowl of soup, come out to Bernheim and partake in a piece of childhood to remember the important things in life.  Our special this week is a grilled cheese sandwich on our wheat berry bread and (as always) a made from scratch, homemade, bowl of chicken noodle soup for $6.95.

Tori Thiery, Isaac’s Café Staff

Tori is a current student at the University of Louisville, where she majors in Education. She is also a Senior Airman in the Kentucky Air National Guard.


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