Regional Artist in Residence Update

By Jenny Zeller

Rachel Singel’s work is a response to the intricacies and depth of natural forms. Lines are the building blocks of her world and realized through the mediums of drawing, printmaking and book assembly. Rachel spent the month of May at Bernheim where she extensively explored the landscape and furthered her knowledge of the local ecology. Initially motivated to create detailed drawings of Kentucky’s endangered tree species, Singel was ultimately inspired by the complexities of the natural world during a season where nature is in a state of complete change. Documentations of this change are on paper that the artist hand-made with actual fibers of invasive species found on Bernheim grounds.

For the public engagement aspect of her residency, Rachel taught a fun and informative workshop on the art of papermaking at Bernheim’s Lakeside Studio. Participants left with repurposed handmade paper and an appreciation for process and the natural environment.

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