Reflections of a Ranger #2: Transformation

By bernheim

By Bernheim Ranger, Richard Fisher

The magical hour of sunset and transformation.

In the early evening when the Rangers begin to close the park, a transformation can be seen taking place. The sun now sits low in the sky and is just beginning to dance its way across the lakes and ponds of Bernheim, while the Forest above has begun to grow dim as the sun gently threads its way through the trees to grace the forest below. It is usually only the Rangers who witness the full transformation, as the fauna begin to move everywhere within the Arboretum and the Forest. The most “obvious” display is the appearance of deer, squirrels and rabbits in all areas of the park, but there are other signs, such as an occasional coyote or bobcat, redtail hawks, owls, and perhaps even a family of turkey, just to name a few.


It is as though something hidden calls to them at this time, just as it calls this Ranger. The Arboretum and Forest have begun to grow quiet, as a sublime stillness seems to enfold everything. Ironically, it is the silence which actually speaks with the loudest voice, as there is a giving in to a peacefulness waiting here that can only be found resting in the forest. Within all of this, both the flora and the fauna share a symbiotic relationship, a kind of knowing, that this ranger finds awe-inspiring, and which the forest is more than willing to share with each of us, if we allow ourselves to be open to its call.

It is literally gorgeous. Welcome to Bernheim!

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