Forest Hill Drive and Guerilla Hollow are closed on Sunday, May 25 due to high winds.

Recycle Your Tree at Bernheim

By Amy Joseph Landon

Displaying your holiday tree may be a highlight of the season, but when the holidays pass, what do you do with it? When it has given you the best of its seasonal cheer, Bernheim invites you to extend the life of your tree by sharing it with the arboretum. Your tree can become a permanent part of Bernheim, as we will turn it into mulch to be used in various areas across our landscape.

If your family is interested in recycling your tree at Bernheim, we will have a collection point set up to the left of the front gate entrance turnaround Dec. 26 – Jan 31. Be sure to stop in to the Visitor Center afterward, grab a cup of hot chocolate from Isaac’s Café and find ways you and your family can explore the winter wonders of Bernheim!

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