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Recycle Your Solar Eclipse Glasses at Bernheim

By Bernheim

Wow! What a day! Bernheim’s Solarbration was a great success, with clear skies and over 3,000 visitors to experience the 96% total solar eclipse on Monday. Now that it’s behind us, you may be wondering what to do with those glasses. We know that there will another total solar eclipse in the area in 2024, but did you know that the life of these glasses is only 5 years. So, you will need to get a new pair in time for the next one.

That’s where Bernheim comes in. Instead of trashing them, how about donating them? Astronomers Without Borders will be collecting used glasses and sending them to schools in South America and parts of Asia, where they will experience an eclipse in 2019. By dropping them at Bernheim, not only will you be ensuring kids across the globe will be able to safely experience this once in a lifetime event, but you will also save yourself the postage of sending them yourself and by sending them in bulk, we will decrease the environmental impact of shipping. Plus, you have an excuse to visit Bernheim! Astronomers will be sure glasses meet NASA standards, so no one will end up with unfit glasses.

Collection will be at the Bernheim Visitor Center (open daily, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) now through September 30. On the weekends, you may also drop them at the Entrance Kiosk.

UPDATE: Beginning August 30, you can drop off your glasses at Highland Coffee Company in Louisville or at Vibe Coffee in Elizabethtown.

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