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By Renee Hutchison

Galaxy magnolia (Magnolia x ‘Galaxy)

Bernheim’s plant nursery has a limited quantity of this beautiful spring bloomer. This deciduous hybrid magnolia has sweet-scented flowers that can get up to ten inches across! The blooms are a rich pink to magenta on the undersides of the petals, while the interiors are a light blush color. The large flowers open in late spring, several weeks after the first flush of magnolias bloom, which helps to solve the problem of blooms being killed by a late frost. Galaxy magnolias get approximately 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide, so they are perfect for planting closer to your home (not any closer than 7 feet). This is also a preferable place for planting, as magnolia blossoms appreciate some protection from the wind, and you will definitely appreciate their close proximity during bloom time! These carefree trees can be planted in full sun or light shade in most well-draining soils. Plant as specimens in the landscaping around your home and enjoy their fragrance and beauty.


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