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Planning for the Future

By Renee Hutchison

Asclepias tuberosa

Such a big part of any plant lover’s life is planning for the future. Many times, we plan for how we want our landscape to look in five, ten, and fifteen years. Sometimes, however, we are looking far beyond and planning for the future of generations to come. At Bernheim, little steps are made each day to add color to the big picture of preserving ecosystems, sustaining life, and spreading the seeds of conscientious gardening to fellow nature-lovers.

In the Bernheim greenhouses, this is the time of year for planning, dreaming, and growth. These tiny butterfly milkweed seedlings seem such a small piece of the solution, but in reality are the most significant species to the preservation and health of the Monarch butterfly. Planning a space in your yard for butterflies not only helps to ensure the future of struggling species such as the Monarch, but also adds a piece to the bigger puzzle of living lightly on a world marked indelibly by human touch.

Plan a spot in your yard to add milkweed and many other plants that butterflies love, available at the Spring Plant Sale on May 21st.

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