Patagonia joins Bernheim in the continued fight against LG&E pipeline

By bernheim

Quest Outdoors helped secure Patagonia grant for Bernheim

Bernheim Forest announced a robust $25,000 grant from Patagonia to help defend its conservation easement that protects its pristine forest against a proposed natural gas pipeline.

This $25,000 grant from Patagonia will specifically support Bernheim’s Land Protection Fund, which helps pay accumulating legal fees in Bernheim’s defense of LG&E’s condemnation lawsuit. Quest Outdoors, an early ally of #SaveBernheim and proponent in Bernheim’s defense, helped secure Patagonia’s environmental grant.

Patagonia’s dedication to environmental activism and conservation has been instrumental in defending protected landscapes across the globe. Patagonia’s history and environmental legacy contributes invaluable resources to situations like Bernheim’s. Their commercially-scaled global efforts to raise awareness will reach an audience far beyond Bernheim’s borders and capacity.

Meghan Wolf, Patagonia’s Environmental Activism Manager, stated, “We hope partnering with Bernheim will help make a change and bring national attention to the necessity of protecting conservation lands.”

This natural gas pipeline, proposed by utility giant Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E), would cut directly through Bernheim’s Cedar Grove Wildlife Corridor, protected by a conservation easement and deed restrictions prohibiting destruction of forests, streams, and springs. The proposed pipeline route would permanently impact several springs, streams, and critical habitats for endangered species including federally endangered Indiana bats, northern long-eared bats, Kentucky glade cress, globally imperiled bluff vertigo snail, and the recently-discovered critically imperiled hidden springsnail. Bernheim protects endangered species, provides quality of life in this region with clean air, water and scenic beauty, outdoor education and promotes tourism.

Bernheim Executive Director Dr. Mark Wourms said corporate and community support is imperative to the success of the #SaveBernheim campaign.

“Bernheim looks forward to working alongside Patagonia, Quest Outdoors, and our community to protect our critical wildlife corridor, safeguard all conservation easements, private landowner rights, regional biodiversity, and our future as an organization that connects people with nature,” Dr. Wourms said. “Together we can make a difference and keep Bernheim Forest intact for generations to come!”

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