Our Eagle has a Name!

By Andrew Berry

Goldeagle_agingFor the last month, we’ve asked for your input on naming the Eastern Golden Eagle, which Bernheim, along with the help of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and the Beckham Bird Club, recently fitted with a GPS satellite transmitter. The transmitter has not only allowed us to track its movements while it spent time this winter in our region but also to track its spring migration north.

As we’ve followed the eagle on his journey, voters have had the opportunity to choose between the names Ike Bernheim, Bernie Bernheim and Harper Bernheim, and we are excited to say that the results are finally in.

Drum roll please…

Bernheim’s Golden Eagle is officially named Harper Bernheim!

As you may know, our founder Isaac W. Bernheim made his fortune in the whisky business and I.W. Harper was the brand name of his bourbon.

“The legacy of Isaac W. Bernheim and our region’s bourbon heritage are intrinsically linked, so it seems only fitting that this majestic bird would now bare the name Harper,” said Dr. Mark Wourms, Bernheim’s Executive Director. “Harper the Golden Eagle represents a more than 85-year legacy of conservation and connecting people with nature.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in #NameThatEagle. We will continue to follow Harper for the next four years and look to learn all we can from this majestic bird.

Last we heard, Harper was spending time in the Churchill area of Northern Manitoba, Canada on the Hudson Bay. We invite you to join us on this journey with him. Go here to stay up to date on his travels and what he is teaching us.


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