One GIANT Vision

By Bernheim


A giant installation of another kind is on view at the Education Center that’s worth a visit in person!
In honor of our 90th anniversary, we share a selection of photographs that celebrate milestones and memorable moments from Bernheim’s first 90 years. One GIANT Vision documents Bernheim’s history of fulfilling its mission of connecting people with nature. The artwork also showcases photography, which has experienced many phases as an art form and a means of documentation since its practical introduction in the late 1800s.

Like Bernheim, cameras and film have evolved greatly over the past 90 years in the pursuit of memorializing special moments. Using images only found in the Bernheim archives or taken by staff and visiting artists, One GIANT Vision tells Bernheim’s unique story through analog methods of monochrome and color film, slide transparencies, and finally with images captured from digital cameras and cell phones.

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