Olympics Fever at Isaac's Café: Specials August 8-12

By Kathy Hart

8-8-16 Sandwich Beans SpecialI always find the summer Olympics exciting. Possibly because both of my children participated and competed in sports that are at the center of the Summer Games: swimming and gymnastics.  I have wonderful memories of cheering them both on from the sidelines with such pride.  In watching these athletes, I recognize that they all possess a winning combination of hard work and determination.   I remember my son waking up at 4:30 a.m. to make it to morning swim practice before school.

I was thinking about other winning combinations and as always, my thoughts turn to food.  As I walked through the Edible Garden, I was amazed by the perfect pairings, like yellow squash and ripe red tomatoes or green peppers and eggplant.  It’s wonderful how these seemingly unrelated veggies just taste perfect together.  I encourage you to look for those winning combinations as you go through your day. We may not be Olympic athletes but we can certainly eat like one.

One of my favorite summer-time combos is baked beans and potato salad.  This week’s $5.95 special: Any of our value menu sandwiches (ham or turkey with your choice of Swiss or American cheese, grilled cheese or PB&J) served with that winning combo of baked beans and potato salad made from newly harvested purple and gold fingerling potatoes! (As always, vegan, vegetarian or gluten free options are available).

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