New Season; New Menu at Isaac’s Café

By Kellie Hall

This fall, our chicken salad sandwich keeps its residency on the menu. Shredded chicken, craisins, pecans, onions, celery, and fresh thyme make this classic southern dish.  Enjoy it on soft wheat berry bread, on a bed of fresh greens, or as a half sandwich with a delicious homemade soup.  

The Nutty Bird is an Isaac’s staple, and it would be criminal to remove it from the menu! The iconic sandwich begins with flavorful sundried tomato bread and features Boone’s locally sourced turkey, Kenny’s Farmhouse Norwood cheese, bacon, sunflower seeds, house made bistro sauce, and fresh greens. It’s always my recommendation to indecisive first-time customers. 

The fall menu’s newest addition is The Willow. Its flavor combination is simply delectable – Boone’s roast beef provides the umami flavors associated with the season, paired with buttery pepperjack cheese, Dijon mustard for a little zest, and savory homemade maple bourbon onion jam completes this special flavor combination. The Willow is served on marbled bread with sweet and earthy sourdough and pumpernickel rye.  

The Clover Panini is guaranteed to satisfy. The sweetness of Lucky Clover’s blackberry jam is combined with savory black forest ham from Boone’s, grilled on brioche bread with melted cheddar cheese, and is an experience everyone deserves. Pair it with a hot cup of Cedar Grove coffee for a perfect winter meal at Isaac’s. 

Chickpea salad is our vegan staple.  With each seasonal menu, we create a new chickpea salad recipe that reflects the flavors of the season. The Garden Chickpea Salad Wrap is made with slightly mashed chickpeas, carrots, celery, onions, sunflower seeds, and a touch of Dijon mustard. It is served on a spinach wrap and stuffed with the Edible Garden’s microgreens. This wrap is hearty, satisfying, and guaranteed to make your trip to Isaac’s a highlight of your visit to Bernheim.  

The Kale & Sweet Potato Salad is bound to make your mouth water. Sweet potatoes from the Edible Garden and Elliot Brothers Farm are roasted in ginger seasoning and served alongside Craisins and roasted chickpeas, and served atop a bed of chopped kale, then drizzled with homemade creamy and zesty honey Dijon dressing. The flavors of the season are so bountiful in this unique salad. 

There is only one word to describe the Gourmet Grilled Cheese—scrumptious! Two slices of brioche bread are filled with homemade pesto and creamy alfredo sauce atop slices of cheddar and mozzarella cheese, then grilled until cheesy perfection is achieved. It is a gooey, sensational sandwich no one will forget!  

The protein-rich Black Bean Quesadilla keeps its place on fall’s plant-based menu. Black beans seasoned in cumin and cilantro with sautéed onions and fresh roasted red pepper hummus make this simple quesadilla delicious. The Veggie Quesadilla has been renamed the Harvest Quesadilla to recognize the Bernheim employees and volunteers who reap the fresh vegetables that make this menu item a vegan fan favorite. 

The Young at Heart Menu is renamed the Playcosystem Menu as an ode to the currently expanding natural playground located directly across from the Visitor’s Center. After a day of play, refuel with a cheesy quesadilla, Sunny B and Jelly sandwich (with peanut butter available as well), or a classic turkey or ham and cheese sandwich. Just as play is healthy for people of all ages, anyone can order from this simple menu. 

Homemade soups are always available. This season’s soups will feature some highlights of the Edible Garden’s fall harvest, like squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, kale, cabbage, and other cold weather resistant roots.  

The dessert case will be full of seasonal treats like pumpkin, maple, and gingerbread cookies and cupcakes. A hot cup of Cedar Grove coffee is the perfect complement to your sweet treat.  

The fall landscape looks different each day, so be sure to experience the changing colors in the forest and celebrate the harvest by coming back to taste the seasonal flavors of this one-of-a-kind menu. 


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