New Sculpture: Earth Measure is Open

By Amy Joseph Landon

Earth Measure Public Opening
Earth Measure Public Opening

October 17th  marked the public opening of our newest sculpture, Earth Measure.   

Louisville sculptor, Matt Weir, carved the piece out of massive blocks of stacked limestone in honor of the life and service of Bernheim’s dear friend, Barry Bingham Jr.

Bingham was the former publisher of the Louisville Courier-Journal and Louisville Times and guided the publications to win three Pulitzer Prizes.  He was also an avid environmentalist, photographer, and supporter of Bernheim.

Bingham served on the Bernheim Board of Trustees from 1970-2006 and was chair of the capital campaign for Bernheim’s Platinum LEED certified Visitor Center.

Bingham’s wife, Edie, joined us for the opening and remarked about how pleased her late husband would be about using art to connect people with nature.  “Barry loved these woods and gentle hills and would be proud of the accomplishments this place has made to connect people with nature in creative and green ways.”

Matt Weir conducted extensive research on the principles that were important to both Barry Bingham Jr. and to Bernheim. “I learned that Bingham had a deep appreciation of nature and a passion for preservation and public service,” said Weir, who also made remarks at the opening.

That research led Weir to create a large-scale multi-dimensional piece that explores science, geometry, sound and architecture all in the context of nature.  Positioned on the edge Bernheim’s Big Meadow, large geometric shapes frame the natural environment like a camera lens and also capture sound in a unique way, creating an inspirational and contemplative space for people to connect deeply with nature.

Earth Measure’s overall dimensions are 73’ x 42’.  Bernheim’s Executive Director, Dr. Mark Wourms, was thrilled with the magnificent tribute piece. “Bernheim is pleased honor a man such as Barry who gave so much to Bernheim and our entire region,” said Wourms.

Be sure to experience Earth Measure whenever you make your next visit to Bernheim. 

To learn more about Earth Measure and Bernheim’s Arts in Nature program click here.                                   


Barry Bingham's wife, Edie; daughter, Emily; and grandson, Jim visit sculpture with Bernheim Executive Director, Dr. Mark Wourms

Barry Bingham’s wife, Edie; daughter, Emily; and grandson, Jim visit Earth Measure with Bernheim Executive Director, Dr. Mark Wourms





*The sculpture was made possible thanks to a generous donation from anonymous donor.

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