Nearly 2,500 Pair of Eclipse Glasses Recycled at Bernheim

By Amy Joseph Landon

Box of recycled solar glasses for reuse in next solar eclipse in Asia and South America

WOW! You all really showed up. Between the August 21st eclipse and September, we collected 2,421 pair of  eclipse glasses. With drop off locations not only at Bernheim, but also at Highland Coffee Company in Louisville, Baptist Milestone Wellness Center in Louisville, and Vibe Coffee in Elizabethtown, we are thrilled to ensure that many more people are able to experience the magic of an eclipse just as we were on that sunny August day. Not only will the glasses go to a good cause, but also by combining everything that was collected at community locations, we have helped to lessen the environmental impact (not to mention the costs) of shipping and of throwing the glasses in the trash.

The glasses were shipped to Astronomers Without Borders via Explore Scientific, who will send them to schools in South America and Asia for 2019 eclipses. They will be examined for damage and their safety certification will be verified.

A BIG thank you to everyone that contributed! We will see you in 2024 for the next solar eclipse.

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