Nature's Example: Isaac's Café Specials, May 16-20

By Kathy Hart

robin0805_perchNature sets a great example.

This morning I watched a mother robin teaching a fledgling how to feed himself.  She had a fat, juicy worm in her beak and would dangle it just out of reach, then drop it onto the ground just a short distance away and repeat this action over and over until the he finally caught on to the technique.  I realized that it really is not that much different from how we teach our own children to feed themselves.  If we offer healthy foods again and again, they will eventually get the hang of it and develop a taste for the foods that nourish their growing bodies.  You never see a mother robin offer her young a pebble or a twig, as it will do nothing to help that fledgling grow.  We can learn so many valuable lessons by watching the natural world.

Given the abundance of “food like substances” that are marketed to our children, it can be difficult to ensure that they eat right.  As parents, it is important to help our children make healthy choices, set a good example and let them know where and how their food was grown.

I encourage you to bring your kids out to Bernheim, spend some time in the Edible Garden and then head over to Isaac’s Café for lunch.

This week’s $5.95 special: Fresh strawberry salad:  A bed of fresh garden greens,  shredded carrots, purple cabbage, sunflower seeds, purple onion and lots of sweet , garden ripened strawberries topped with our own strawberry vinaigrette dressing.  Cheese added on request.

For the kids, or the young at heart, we have a side of strawberry banana salad for just $1.59.

New to our kids menu: kids cheesy quesadilla or hummus and veggie quesadilla, just $3.95. Make it a combo with the strawberry banana salad for just $5.00

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