Nature is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Isaac's Café Specials, October 10-14

By Kathy Hart

10-10-16-special-soup-and-sandwichJack Canfield, the founder and former CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul was on to something when he launched a series of books to help folks cope with life’s ups and downs.  The classic chicken soup was a staple in most households when it came to making us feel better, whether it was a cold or flu or just the blues in general. There are many theories as to the overall benefits of this soothing combination.  At the very least, chicken soup with vegetables contains lots of healthy nutrients, increases hydration and just plain tastes good.

Another widely held premise is that nature has a similar positive effect on what ails us.  A few months ago, Bernheim had the pleasure of hosting Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and Vitamin N.  The “N” of course being Nature!  He advised that the more high tech our world becomes, the more nature we need.  Nature can help bring our senses alive, reset and restore us .  Nature has also been shown to reduce depression and improve mood.  Nature can bring communities, families and friends together like nothing else.

If you combine a dose of vitamin “N” in the form of a hike or taking in the view from the canopy tree walk with a dose of chicken soup loaded with fresh organic vegetables from Bernheim’s Edible Garden, you have a winning combination to restore both body and soul.

This week’s $6.95 special:  A cup of chicken soup and half sandwich along with your choice of fresh brewed iced tea or lemonade.

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