By Amy Joseph Landon

GoldEagle_closeupAs Bernheim embarks on an exciting new research project on the Eastern Golden Eagle, we are calling on the public to help decide the name of a Golden Eagle we recently fitted with a GPS satellite transmitter.  The adult male spent time in the knobs of Bernheim and the surrounding region this winter and the transmitter now indicates he is heading back to his nesting grounds, which could be as far as northern Canada.  Just this past weekend, the eagle was flying south of Chicago after traveling north through Indiana.

“Since Bernheim will have the privilege of studying this amazing raptor for upwards of four years, it seemed only fitting to give him a name,” said Dr. Mark Wourms, Bernheim’s Executive Director.  “Our mission is to connect people with nature so we thought why not ask the publics help in deciding his name and sharing in our research mission.”

The Bernheim team has narrowed it down to three names and is asking the public to vote on which one they prefer.

The choices are:

  • – Ike Bernheim
  • – Bernie Bernheim
  • – Harper Bernheim

Click here to vote.  Voting begins today and ends on April 21.  We will anounce the winning name on April 22, Earth Day.

This first of its kind research in the state is a collaborative project between Bernheim, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and the Beckham Bird Club. The research aims to shed some light on the mystery surrounding these majestic birds during their winter migration in our region.

We invite you to be a part of this experience as we learn all we can from this majestic raptor.  #namethateagle

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