Mornings are Nice: Isaac's Café Specials, January 9-13

By Bernheim

1-9-17-special-sandwichI hope that the New Year finds each of you well and getting back into your routine.  Some years, that can be harder than others.  That is where I find myself this year, moving forward into 2017 with both anticipation and trepidation as we traverse into this not so perfect world with our need to have everything in order and making sense.

One of my favorite authors, Ann Lemont , recently wrote a piece about this very subject.   She said the best way to start is to do just that…start.  Look for those moments of perfection. She said “mornings are nice”.  This spoke to me as I realized that I have to take joy where I can find it.  In this not so perfect world, we can find perfect moments, perfect places and perfect intentions.

Bernheim is that perfect place for me.  What could be better than exploring the beauty of the natural world to ground us and at the same time help us move forward in a positive direction?  I hope that Bernheim can be that perfect place for you as well.  Come out, hike a favorite trail, look for tracks in the snow or sit quietly in the wildlife viewing room collecting your thoughts.  While you’re here, stop by Isaac’s Café for a comforting meal made from fresh, local ingredients, many from our Edible Garden.

This week’s $6.95 special is our one of kind sandwich, the E.G. Panino (we start with a Breadworks Ciabatta roll, topped with ham, pepperoni, Asiago cheese and our very own Edible Garden pickled peppers and fresh basil pesto, hot off the Panini grill) and your choice of fresh brew tea or lemonade.

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