Meet Sage Delaney, the creative force behind “An Artistic Tour of Bernheim Forest” video

By Jenny Zeller

Artist Sage Delaney on the base of Earth Measure at Bernheim.

It’s not every day that you meet someone as naturally talented as Sage Delaney. Born into a family of artists, Sage has participated in art all his life. He initially forged a path in photography before finding videography at the Governor’s School for the Arts in 2019. This discovery resonated with him and allowed for him the first time to express his vision and desire for storytelling in ways not possible through still photographs. Many of Sage’s videos are first inspired by music that sets the stage for the engaging video projects he produces. It’s interesting to note that beyond the introductory learning experience at GSA, Sage is completely self-taught in videography and only just graduated from Jefferson County High school in 2020!

Artists Jose Brooks and Sage Delaney.

Sage recently met dancer Jose Brooks, a former Louisvillian recently revisiting the area and an instant friendship developed when they discovered they had both danced in the same studio years ago. The idea to collaborate on a video was born shortly thereafter. Because Jose has a spiritual connection with nature, meditation and a manner of truly being in the present, Sage introduced him to Bernheim and shortly after they entered the arboretum, they knew this was the ideal location site for their collaboration. While driving through Bernheim, by random chance and a shuffle through their music library, the song ‘Forever’ by Labrinth played and both artists knew immediately this was the song they wanted to build their story around.

The two came to Bernheim and captured footage at every sunrise for nearly two weeks straight this past fall. Sage returned a few more times to capture additional drone footage and different kinds of light at each location. Jose Brooks is an exceptionally talented dancer and its fun to share that the entire sequencing of dance was free styled and not choreographed in any way. The combination of their individual talents, paired with the perfect accompanying music truly instills the euphoric sense of freedom one often experiences in the natural landscape.

“From here on out, you won’t find me doing what’s been done before, or following a written path. I’m only interested in doing what others aren’t doing, imagining what others aren’t imagining, asking the questions that others aren’t asking. I believe our society needs serious change, fast, and we’re not going to get there by doing the things that past generations have done and are still trying to do without success. I’m interested in what happens when we bring bright young minds together to redefine what’s possible. And that’s what I’m doing right here in Louisville.” -Sage Delaney

Sage is working on a project idea that connects young artists to opportunities in the Louisville area. After putting out a survey asking what issues young artists are facing, he receive around 100 responses. As a result of that survey, he is creating a central website and database that will allow artists to make those connections for creative work and play. As expected, the video produced to support this concept is beautiful, compelling and like “An Artistic Tour of Bernheim Forest“, a must see!

And yes, for those of you wondering, Sage is for hire! Contact him directly at


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