Meet Bernheim’s Garden Dragon

By Natural Areas Intern

Willow is a pliable, beautiful wood, making it great for sculptural pieces (like former Sited@Bernheim sculpture, Snake Hollow).  Horticulturalist, James Moody and Edible Gardener, Cole Alexander know the material very well. On July 2, they spent a drizzly afternoon pushing a pile of willow branches past their limits and into something thrilling and lovely! What started as a series of sculptured loops became the thick, scaly hide of a dragon.

After working with Patrick Dougherty on Snake Hollow, James Moody honed his willow working skills, and now builds beautiful sculptures in his free time at home. Teaching and learning with others is one of many fulfilling ways to share art, and this dragon will welcome visitors into the Edible Garden for just that purpose.

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